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Immerpact Pvt Ltd is the Software Development Company, who with this website caters the details of the services provided to the clients across the globe. We even showcase the portfolio of the projects accomplished along with their details expertise in the core technologies. Also, the site is utilized to collect job applications and share knowledgeable blogs on technical concepts.

Immerpact Pvt Ltd is very fine-tuned & secure about privacy issues and has no objection to viewers who are accessing its website.

Cookies and Visitor's Tracking

Immerpact Pvt Ltd utilizes Cookies, a small text data piece stored on Web Server, to track the user traffic patterns. Cookies are accepted by default in most of the web browsers but can be disabled via browser settings.

Cookies let you know the visitor's preference and help to serve them the personalized content. Our servers are well versed secured and programmed accordingly that only user's taste can be seen, and not any personal information like name, email address, etc.

Individual Information Sharing

To access a few of the section, the viewer may need to provide the personal information, else not. We ensure not to exchange or bestow your personal information to any of the third party. For the provided email address, we will stringently conform to the regulations of Spam Act.

Website Visit Information

We are not responsible to confirm the source from which your personal information is shared to us.

Information Safety and Protection

Personal data is just available to Immerpact Pvt Ltd Personnel responsible for client correspondences and communications. Our site has impelled industry-standard protection efforts to neutralize the loss of data, change or misapplication.

Opting Out of Email or Other Communication Channel.

We authenticate to get your consent before the gathering, processing and storing your individual data. You can take back your consent anytime. Data subjects have the power to terminate transfers from us.

Amendment in this Privacy Statement

Immerpact Pvt Ltd has the comprehensive authority to alter, amend, or adjust this Privacy Policy from time to time. We request you to view this page occasionally to know the modifications and new updates.


If you observe that we've breached your privacy, you can drop a complaint to contact@immerpact.com Your concern will be absolutely taken care of at higher precedences.

Contact Information

For any queries about the privacy policy or legal guidelines, please contact us.

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